Q de Cuenco

cuencos tibetanos

My biography is summarized in following the trail of my Masters. I think I’ve had the best, maybe I’m not the best student … but I’ve had the best teachers.

Each person, circumstance and situation are there to teach us something. But in Therapy I started in 2004 with who would be a guide and a reference for me: Antonio Espejo, from the Institute of Instituto de Terapias Aplicadas de Barcelona (Applied Therapies of Barcelona). With him, and for many years, I studied Chiromassage, Foot Reflexology and Palmar Reflexology, Metamorphic Technique, Chiropractic, Lymphatic Drainage … and endless no less valuable teachings about Life. His main lesson was not to force things: “Everything is fine.”

2007 was a special year. I went through a Soma cycle, a revolutionary therapy; It was a time of change, and I “came out” in the spiritual. He had discovered Buddhism, coming from a radical atheism. I went through several Buddhist sanghas until I met and personally met the one I now consider my spiritual guide: the Zen Master Kosen Thibaut (Taisen Deshimaru´s disciple), who taught me that perseverance and commitment have their effect, like everything else.

I have had the luck, or my Karma has allowed me, to meet in person other Buddhist teachers or lamas such as Ram Bahadur Bomjon “the Buddha child”, or the Venerable Thubten Wangchen, or Dokushô Villalba, the first Zen master of Spain; or even the XIV Dalai Lama; or to monks of various lineages with whom I have a certain friendship. Causality VS. Casuality.

That same year I took the Initiation in Reiki with Estrella Bela, a woman with a special energy. Among other Teachings he showed me the Joy of living. Until today I have the III Reiki Usui Degree. She wants to order me Master, but I always say: “First I will be a teacher of myself, and then I will be able to be master of others.” Her patience is infinite with me.

In 2010 I visited India and Nepal for the first time, where I learned that life is endless way of chioces. Since then I spend almost six months every year in the Far East, absorbing the Teachings of oriental therapists:

In India I had and I have several Ayurvedic teachers: Shiju, from the Krishnarjuna Ayurvedic Center is the main one of them and with whom I have repeated courses. I only have good words for him. I also studied with Dr. Pramod Kumar, well versed in the subject, combining ancient texts with his modern teaching in the University, a mixture of Tradition and the most novel; also with Yobi from the Araanam Kumily Ayurvedic Center, the amazing Sanjeevani or Dr. Yoji from the Araanam center …

Nepal was a turning point in my professional life. I came chasing the world’s most renowned Tibetan Bowl therapist: S. R. Shakya, today the principal of my Sound Masters. In 2015, after years of studying with him, he has transmitted me the Mastery in Tibetan Bowls. I have two more teachers who I also visit in Nepal every year; and in India to Sunny, a traditional Kerala musician. I also have the honor of being a student of teachers in Europe, such as Jacomina Kistemaker.

In 2015 I began the endless journey of Kinesiology, with the help of three very special teachers: Gustavo López, Sergio Martín and Ricardo Buitrago, in Centro-Sol (Madrid). In Barcelona I trained at the EMPO School with whom I consider the best kinesiologist in Spain: Rubén Álvarez. They taught me to dedicate myself completely to this amazing Art that in turn is a Therapy. With them I have learned from Auriculotherapy to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bach Flowers, Biomagnetic Pair (Biomagnetism), Acupuncture, among others.

 Among my hobbies is also the sound, as a composer and guitarist of the rock band “Opción Cero”; I write articles, prose and poetry; and I organize and present the Sitges Buddhist Film Cycle, which celebrated its 5th edition in 2017. To know about my relationship with Sound Therapy: www.QdeCuenco.es or www.QdeCuenco.blogspot.com