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From 3 to 14 March 2023 the first international Course on the use and handling of Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls at a professional level will be held in Kathmandu. It will be the first training offered in 11 days with the most comprehensive programme in the world.

The training is given by the best Tibetan Singing Bowls teachers in Nepal, with international experience such as Santa R. Sakya, Sajan Thapaliya or Amit Shrestha; and the programme is directed by Óscar QdeCuenco who also teaches the Kinesiology Test among other subjects. The ancestral knowledge of the East meets the therapeutic technique of the West.

There will be almost 100 hours of class and a book will be given with all the contents learnt. The teachings are very sensitive and include very powerful energy movements. In addition, there will also be a practice with blind people from the NGO “Chain For Change”.

The structure of the Programme takes into account that first the therapists have to go through a personal process with the Sound. Once they know how to locate their blockages and know how to stay as much as possible in their Centre, they are at the point of being able to apply Sound to other people. For this reason the programme includes a section on self-treatment and a section on Sequences and Treatments for treating other people. Also there are important matters like a Masterclass to apply sound in group meditations, Tibetan Singing Bowls concerts, or Yoga sessions.

The training is intensive, so you take home homework to work first on your Self and then apply all the treatments and sequences learned to other people.

During the 11 days in Kathmandu you also learn the use and handling of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bell and Dorje, Tingshas, and Gong; the correct use of the Kinesiology Muscle Test to know how to use it with Sound. You also learn the practice of “Nada Yoga” or Yoga of Sound. And specific techniques that you can only and exclusively learn from the best Masters in Nepal with decades of experience. It is a Healing Sound Course that moves a lot of energy, which is why we offer protection and energy management tools such as the Personal Planetary Mantras (a unique and secret formula for each person depending on your date of birth) or the Protective Mudras, among others…

You can consult the Course index to see everything you learn. It is definitely the most complete programme in this field that exists in the world, offered in just 11 days in the country of the Himalayas. It prepares the therapist with all the necessary tools to offer Healing Sound sessions, as well as the personal work involved in this course.

For those of us who give this training it is a gift, for all the content we offer and for the time it takes to learn. Those who learn this course are trained with enough tools to work with Sound for other people in a complete way. This training is not an introductory course or the first level of a longer one, but we condense all possible knowledge in the teachings of these 11 days.

During half a year there will be monthly Online Tutorials to clarify doubts and questions.

At the end of the course a diploma signed by all the teachers will be given.

The total price for this first year of the “International Course of Healing Sound” is only 1.100€. The training is offered in English only in 2023.

You can consult the complete Course Programme detailed day by day in this link: