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Trip to Nepal on 2020. March or April.




Finally we have dates for the much desired trip to Nepal, in which to discover from the inside the secrets of such a magical place. A trip of two weeks, focused in particular on, in addition to seeing and visiting the most interesting places, learning and practicing various techniques and experiences:

– Meditation

We will learn the Anapana technique, ideal for those who have never meditated before, and for experts to know a technique more, as simple as powerful.

– Yoga

Under the guidance of the best Yoga Master of Nepal (Sudan Betuwal) we will learn and practice the eight aspects of Yoga.

– Tibetan bowls

We will discover the basic techniques of handling such instruments, for personal and also therapeutic use. In addition, also a Master Class with a Nepalese Master, considered if not the best, of the best in the world.

– Visit to the Tibetan Bowls factory

Do you want to know how a bowl by hand is made  in the traditional way?

We will visit what is undoubtedly the best factory, with a lineage of six generations working the Seven Metals to learn more about how they are made.

– Visit to Buddhist holy places

You can not miss visiting Swayambunath, Bouddha, Bhaktapur, Durbar Square, Pashupatinath crematorium, and more and more places…

In addition to seeing in Kathmandu the most important places of pilgrimage, stupas, monasteries, etc … we will also visit LUMBINI (birthplace of the Buddha, sleeping in a monastery) and POKHARA (where we will visit two monasteries of different Buddhist lineages, plus a stupa from the Nichiren school).


I want you to come back with some of the flavor of Nepal. That is why I am going to dedicate an afternoon so that you can learn from the hands of my own Nepalese family how the Momos are made, and the Masala Tea.


Every day you will have free hours at noon so you can also discover for yourself the secrets of Nepal, enjoy or rest, etc …

The price, details and more information you should ask who you are interested, by calling (+34) 696 035 451

The price includes all breakfasts, all dinners (lunch is optional, it will be on the free time of each day), all classes and lessons of Meditation, Yoga, Tibetan Bowls, cooking, even the visit to places and spaces where you have to pay entry, the guide (of my confidence, and English speaking). Also the visit to the bowls factory, etc. It also includes all journeys between Kathmandu, Lumbini and Pokhara. And also the accommodation every night of the trip. Even includes Water and Tea in every places where we sleep. It also includes going to pick you up at Kathmandu Airport, and the day you return, the same: free trip to the Airport.

So, only midday meal and alcohol drinks are not included in total price.




MARCH 14th TILL 28th, 2020

More info please DOWNLOAD .pdf DOC HERE or

call / Whatsapp to (+34) 696 035 451  -Óscar-


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