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Nepal Experience Program 2020

Namaste to all of you!
Let me remember you, first of all, that you must to send me please the next things by private message in whatsapp:
– Alergies and intolerances, in case.
– Special attention about food. And if you choose Vegetarian Food.
– Name and Number of Medical Ensurance
– Passport Number. And name as in Passport (Name and Surname)
– Contact phone(s) of somebody in your country
I will provide you my nepali phone number for you to give to family or relatives if they need to contact you anytime there. That number is working during the 24 hours in Nepal, it will be with me all the time.

+977 98 131 50 427

This is a guide of the Program of the next Aventure Nepal Experience 2020. The day that you arrive to Kathmandu is March 14th. I need, by private message in whatsapp, the name of the flight and time of arrive.
I will be there in the airport of Kathmandu at the time of your arrival. And we will go directly home by van or taxi, the first seesight of the nepali city by the very inside…
We will enjoy and discover Kathmandu during 5 days, and then, we will move out off the city to go to Lumbini (the Birth place of Buddha).  After living in Monastery for 2 nights we will fly to Pokhara, where we will experience the peace of a really nice and good place to rest: a Resort, Katero Cottage is the name, very quite place.
Then in that time of the trip, we must to go back to Kathmandu in order to visit and discover more things.
The last day before finishing (day 27th Friday) will be free if you want shopping, visit, walk free…
In Kathmandu, after the first night sleeping there, we will celebrate a special Protection Ritual the first morning. It is a called “Puja” or “Pooja”. A Buddhist Noon will come to our home and she will chant Mantras and she will ask to the Buddhas protection for the group. She did before and was a special time for all. It is ver deep hear her.
Everyday at 7:00h in the morning we will receive to Sudan Betewal. Believe me, he is the best Yoga Master in Nepal today. Is a young man, 28 years old, from Nepal, practicing Yoga more than half of his life. Sudan is Champion in a lot of Yoga Contest in Nepal, and India, Bangladesh and more countries… you will know more from him personally.
Sudan allways adapts the Yoga Class to all people possibilities. The type of Yoga we practise is the Hata Yoga, and is not a hard style, and we will practice it in open air terrace, in the same house where we sleep. Sudan goes one by one to get the best posture for you, and he goes untill the point of your limit. That is ok.
Remember that you come to this trip to experience your limits. It is not a trip to make pictures (of course you will do, that is ok). It is a trip to Nepal, and a trip to the very inside of your self, a personal trip. And sometimes we must to experience Nepal, and its particularities. The contrasts will be funny if we flow. Be open to Nepal, and you will fall in love with that people and experiences.
We will have breakfast after Yoga Class. We will have breakfast in the terrace. Herbal Tea, Masla Tea, Milk, coffee, fruit, butter and jam, toast bread, boiled eggs… if you have some special intolerance let me know by private message.
I recomend you eat Vegetarian Food all the days.I know people that eats meat and everything is ok. But you must to know (and maybe surely you will see by yourself there) that the treat of meat is not realy sane… But up to you. Let me know if you want Veg food always, or sometimes you will eat meat.


Every days we will visit some place, and we will feel and experience Nepal very deep inside, mixing with the people, and my family there. One of them is Nani (that means in nepali “little sister”). Her name is Sharmila, but Nani is familiar name. She is Turistic Guide from years and years before, and speak English and Spanish, Nepali and Newari.
She will be everyday with us, guiding us inside the Temples, Stupas, Buddhist Monasteries, Monuments, Sculptures, and so on… She will reply any question from you about Nepal, or the Culture, Religion, etc…
Will go to the next places:
– Kathmandu
– Bouddhanath
– Patan
– Swayambunath
– Bhaktapur
– Lumbini
– Pokhara
The items that we will visit are in a huge range of different things: Apart of the Buddist Monasteries and that all I meant before, you will see by your own eyes how a Tibetan Singing Bowl is made. We will visit the best Factory of Nepal, and the workers will explain us in detail step by step what are they working. It is very special morning. That same day, after midday, we will receive a Master Class from Santa Ratna Sakya. He is mine main Master of Singing Bowls Therapy. I have 2 more Masters, but he is considered the Number One in the world. He is traveling many time all arround the world, and you will be very lucky learning with him, and talking directly to him how to use Bowls for your self.
One evening I want you to cook in my family house, in Lainchour. I want you to bring to your home some tastes and flavours from Nepal. They have a really good food. And so tasty. You will learn step by step how to cook Momos. And something else: how to do Masala Tea, with spices and milk is you like.
In Lumbini, the Birthplace of Buddha, we will sleep and live in the Austrian Temple. Yes, the Austrian will be lucky talking directly German to Leo and Sonam. They will explain you all about Buddhism and their Order and Master. There in Lumbini there is a lot of Buddhist Monasteries inside the forest where Buddha was born 2.500 years ago. More that 30 Monasteries are there, expread in a very big area. With Sonam we could go to a inner parts of some monasteries that even me I didn’t see before. We were able to visit “forbidden” places for turists. Let’s see this time if he can come with us and see all more from the inside.
After Lumbini we will move to Pokhara. There we will really rest very confortable in a quite place called Katero Cottage. You will feel as at home…
In Pokhara I want to give you some free time to put in order your mind and life, after days practising Yoga, learning Meditation and how to play Singing Bowls. I will give some classes for you to know how to use for yourself and other people.
There we will visit:
– Shakya Monastery
– Jangchub Choeling Gompa Monastery
– Nichiren Stupa
And I will introduce you some very close friends of mine. They are blind boys and girls that work in a Massage Center. I love them, and they love me. You can choose if you want to enjoy their hands, they are very good.
One more thing there is the Fewa Lake. It is just in Pokhara, and if you want to enjoy and ride a little boat you can drive with your hands. And I will let you know where are the best place to shopping, eating, etc. Pokhara is full of possibilities.
Remember that the only thing that it is not included in the price is alcohol and the midday food. At midday after the visit of that morning, eating time it’s at 13h more or less. You will be free to stay alone, dissapear, or eat in group. Fell free. After a time we will meet again in order to visit more things after eat.
And about Pasupatinath: that is a place in Kathmandu where the Hindu and Buddhist dead people are burned. It is hard to see that scene. I am talking of see a cadaver in flames. That visit is optional, out of the Program (if some of you want to go it’s, fell free to go. But I don’t include in the Program).
In Kathmandu we have a Van (a Micro Bus), the best I could rent, to travel every places. And from Kathmandu to Lumbini, and Lumbini to Pokhara we fly with the best Airplane companies.
Well, every trip between cities is so long. Very very long and no good roads. Then, I thought the next plan:
– flying between Katmandu and Lumbini
–  flying between Lumbini to Pokhara
These are the worst roads and the longest trips (since 9 to 13 hours). Then it is better to fly, win 2 days to make things, no suffer to much, and discover the roads of Nepal in the trip from Pokhara to Kathmandu.
Electricity: Your charger, and electricity items are same same as in your country.
Clothes: it will be good weather. Only in night maybe we need some extra cloths. A coat is ok, but maybe too much… it will be hot weather.
For Yoga bring some confortable clothes.
Money: your only extra money invest will be anything you buy for you there (handicrafts, Bowls, etc). Remember that there all is included, but the midday meal. Breakfast, dinner, sleeping every nights, MicroBus travels, classes of Yoga, Meditation, visits to all places, ticket to any place you visit, etc etc etc. Only midday meal and alcohol is not included.
You can pay all the trip there in Nepal. Not necessary to make in before any money advance.
Medicines: you can bring some with you if you want or need. You will need to bring any Medidicine you normally take; and if you need some other item we can find in shops. And remember to check if you have Visa Ensurance, that Visa Ensurance is ok with Medican Assitance.
Some of you asked me about to bring some presents to Nepal. Well, don’t bring any pencil or pen, because in Nepal is ver very cheap and I can tell you where to buy and give to kids. If you want to give toys to kids is ok, you can bring and you can give to people or Schools in Nepal. If you want to give some money, I am colaborating with Aina Barca and the NGO Familia de Hetauda: http://www.familiadehetauda.org/en/